[temp. Resolved] Technical Issues...
Currently, our host is having some issues which results in random down time on our server. This affects accessibility to the forums, game server, and any other website being ran off of it. I will keep the spigot offline while the problem is being investigated, to make sure none of the problems are a direct cause of spigot, or otherwise.

I will provide updates when I get them. In the meantime, apologies for inconvenience.

UPDATE #1: I've determined the problem is definitely not originating from RMCraft/RMSoftware development's virtual server directly. Therefore, spigot will be brought back online. However, I cannot promise the speed or reliability of the server, since this problem is still taking place. Random disconnects are still happening, and will completely cripple everything until it is actually taken care of. Worst case scenario: I will cease operations and move to a different hosting provider. Until such a point is reached, please bear with me.

UPDATE #2: Things have been proven stable for a while now, I'm going to say the issues are currently resolved at this time. Spigot Server, forums, and everything else hosted here should work as intended.
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