RMCraft 1.9 Plugin Information
The server is back online and upgraded. However, as expected, many things broke. Below is a list of things that broke. Keep in mind that this list is still in progress and more things may be broken.

Affected Plugins            |          Status

  • RMCraft Portable Chest                      UPDATED!
  • RedeemMCMMO                                 REPLACED [RedeemableMCMMO]!
  • FramePicture                                Unknown/Waiting for developer
  • WhoRegenerate                               Unknown/Waiting for developer
  • Wireless Redstone                           Unknown/Waiting for developer
  • Dynmap                                      UPDATED!
  • JOBS                                        UPDATED!
  • HolographicDisplay                          Temporarily Replaced
  • jsonAPI                                     Waiting for developer
  • GriefPrevention                             UPDATED!
  • WorldEdit                                   Edit Wand: Broken

I will keep this list updated as much as possible. If a plugin gets fixed/updated or replaced, it will be updated in the list accordingly. 

All previously discontinued plugins have been removed from the list.

Please report any issue with plugins to me via Forum PM, EMAIL, or Minecraft message me using /mail send

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