Bug Reporting - Overview
This is the place to report bugs with the site and (possibly) the server.

We all know that there is no such thing as perfect. That is why I have created this forum. There are things to keep in mind when creating a thread here.
    1. Do not reveal personal information, account information, or anything that can potentially DOX you.
    2. Provide as much detail as possible (barring guideline number 1.)
    3. Provide your basic system information and setup (where appropriate, barring guideline number 1.)
    4. Provide screenshots (if possible)
    5. The more details, the better off we all are.
  • Try to avoid posting about bugs linked specifically with Minecraft itself. That is beyond our control.
  • Try to avoid posting about Non-community-created mods as well. Again, these are beyond our control. If the mod is created by someone in this community, Do post.

Administrators like myself will be looking in this thread often. If a bug is found to be linked with Minecraft itself, We will let you know, and the thread will be closed, and a bug report may or may not be sent to Mojang (That depends on if the bug has been reported to bug-tracker already).

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