Plugin Suggestions!
If you have a plugin you would like to see installed on the server, feel free to link it to me here!

Plugin requests must follow these guidelines.
  • Must be compatible with Bukkit 1.8
  • Cannot destroy the world, or exploit existing plugins
  • Must be linked or at least well named when posting.
Ok I have a few plugins that could be added. All the links will be at the bottom.

Core protect- This is an anti-grief plugin. What it essentially does is do 'rollbacks' of when people place or destroy blocks. The command is /co i, so if I were to left click a block it would show who placed that block. Or a right click would show who removed a block.

Tablist Prefixes- This explains itself, instead of having a prefix by your name in chat it'll have your tag in tab and above your name when someone looks at your player. To me it makes identifying players easier. If a new player looks in tab for example they wouldn't need to go to spawn and search for the staff heads when they can simply look in tab and /msg them for help.

Clear Lag- It's simple. All you need to do is configure a specific time and clear lag will wipe all dropped entities throughout the server. It will also come in a 40 - 20 - 10 second warning for players and staff to prepare so they wont lose their valuables.

Core Protect>

Tablist Prefix>

Clear Lag>

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