Spigot 1.11 (Or.... Lack thereof.....)
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Well, I SCREWED UP.... The server's world got completely ruined because I completely forgot to make a recent backup..... All of the animals are gone. Half of the signs are gone.... More than half of the server command blocks got erased and that means that all of the doors that were supposed to work when users went up to them, ARE BROKEN.... Congratulations me.... Ya did good...

This means that the server will stay offline until I can 1. Get my self back together with the ability to go through and manually re-write all of the minecraft command blocks, Fix all the blanked signs, and rebuild all that got ruined by this (update) horrid mistake.... 2. Update all broken plugins....... GG 10/10 IGN.

PS. I forgot 1.11 completely renamed all entities.

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