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RMCraft Universe 1.12.1 - rmsoft1 - 08-05-2017


It has been quite a while again. Life/work/other projects tend to do that to a person. 

However, I am pleased to announce Version 1.12.1 is going to be  ONLINE shortly.

Server status post has some details on what is going on

(08-05-2017, 12:22 PM)rmsoft1 Wrote:  TESTING

Standard port is unavailable at the moment. I am testing the server on a different port at the moment. If you want to join, please shoot me a tweet @KingstonLeWolf OR send me a message on here.

The server will be getting an upgrade to minecraft 1.12.1 and backups will be made first. this could take a while but I will try to bring the server up by 8/6/17. a busy schedule has prevented me from doing this sooner.
I am sorry for the lack of activity

The server will be online on the test port until I can confirm that everything is in order.

UPDATE: RMCraft Universe 1.12.1 - rmsoft1 - 08-06-2017

At this time, the server is back online! This is public beta time, Thank you for your patients!